Android apps that help you manage your time

Time is more important than we can imagine. It’s something we need a lot but once gone, we can’t turn back. That’s why we have to make the best of it and this can only happen when it’s planned properly. Time management used to take a bit of effort. We used to keep little agendas where we’d write our tasks, to-do lists and schedules. But that was too long ago. Nowadays technology is so developed, it’s a shame not to replace those old-fashioned paper books that take time with our modern gadgets that are easy to use. To manage your time is not that complicated anymore if you have the right applications. It’s no longer an obstacle. Check out our list of time management apps that will ease your life in a modern way.




Having this app, you don’t have to struggle to manage your time anymore. This To-Do list allows you to create lists and set reminders. The best feature of this app is the fact that it’s perfect for collaboration. You can create projects for whole groups of people, be it your family, friends or any team you want. You can divide tasks between people and your receive notifications for every complete assignment. This keeps you informed about every task and the status of the whole project. This apps saves you time and helps you work together with others.


WaToDo is a great application that helps you manage your time. It allows you to create tasks and divide them into contexts. It supports an unlimited number of projects and sub-projects. You can select your priorities in order to make sure you finish with the most important tasks first. To keep you absolutely informed, the app allows you to add notes to each task and thus get reminded about details that you might forget. You can also group activities and put them into a project.

Now Do This

No more distractions. This app is the best way to remind yourself about what has to be done at the moment and helps you focus on the most important things. The app is very simple and absolutely focused on the priorities, so that it keeps you away from distractions. In a way the app forces you to do what has to be done at the moment and you can’t move on to the other task without completing the current one. The app offers a super distraction-free interface – completely white background, the task and a ‘Done’ button. The only disadvantage this app has is the fact that it deletes tasks once they’ve been completed, so if there’s something you have to repeat, you have to enter it in the app again.

Dr. Timer

Dr. Timer is a great time management app that as a timer to keep you updated on how much time you’re spending on a task. A great advantage this application has is the fact that you can include not only a note but an image or even an audio to your projects.


If you want a simple add, this one is perfect for you. Its simplicity makes it nice to work with. It allows you to create tasks and lists and share them with other people. You can set your priority tasks and add reminders.

If you want to manage your time properly by starting with what’s important and not losing track of priorities and time spent on them, these apps are the perfect choice for you.

Samsung Galaxy S6: what we want to see

To the ongoing speculation made for Samsung S5 it’s rather too early to think of the latest flag ship Galaxy S6. With a series of products being launched to the S series it’s difficult to speculate the next Smartphone in the Galaxy S series.

The next generation Galaxy S6 depends on the success rate of the latest released product from Samsung as Galaxy S5. As it can be dream of to have a list of improvements to get added to S6. Some of the proposed specs has been rumoured and are as follows.1978475_612660298821445_3623225080334487843_o

Better outfit

With an awkward dimpled back panel on S5 has not able to gain popularity but to a demand from the Samsung lovers for a better design in the Galaxy S series category has certainly been put down. To make a unique product apart from its successor it is assumed that S6 will be available with a metal body.

Display Resolution

To be unique the availability of 2K display in the market is considered as the lower version providing a resolution of 1080 pixel but introduction of 2560 x 1400 pixel to S5 has certainly didn’t surprise the users. With much higher expectations Samsung is working on 4K display and especially of QHD type. Anything below 4K on S6 will let down the interest of Samsung lovers.

Better Processor

The lack of 64 bit processor in Galaxy S5 has deprived users to get facilitate with many advantages. Speaking of having a 64 bit processor than that of having 32 bit makes it significantly similar to that of iPhones. With a considerable rise in processor size needs an improved RAM that proves to be handy in multitasking at a faster rate.

Flexible Design

To the review made on the Samsung products Samsung do have a folding prototype. As we have heard of Sky advert who folded out his phone to table size. Advantage of flexible structure helps to protect from external damage being made to the phone and makes easy carry. The dream S6 is assumed to have a similar design that featured to have diminished controls and changeable shapes that need to be a better one.

Bigger Battery

As per the latest released products no great deal of change in battery is found but to be significant the need for bigger batteries is at hike. The latest S5 is known to have featured with a 2800 mAh battery that inch forward from its predecessor. With an expectation to have battery that inch 0.1 extra to that of screen along with better power management and supports wireless charging. Its trendy to have a look at the dream S6.

DAB Chip

With the improved technology the available of FM radio has certainly vanished from mobile handsets. Considering the absence of WiFi and mobile data makes it expensive for streaming tunes from internet or cloud is found relatively costly. To the assumption of implementing DAB chip to S6 will help users to get connected to the network to fine tune nearby stations available and also allows to get connected to sport, talk and music world.

With all advanced features of the dream Samsung Galaxy S6 it’s definitely a nightmare in terms of all speculations made to it.


We’ve known for some time that SMS is becoming passe for many smartphone owners worldwide.

Sure, people still use it, but there are a slew of apps that go way beyond it, offering easy multimedia functions, group chats, video calls, gaming and much more. Beyond being SMS replacements, these apps are essentially ‘SMS+’ — to coin a phrase uttered to me recently by the founder of a messaging company.

But with so many apps out there it can be difficult to know exactly which one is best message app for you and your friends. To help you make that choice, we’ve waded through the densely populated mass of chat apps to pick out the best.

BEST message APP


The exclusive service for iOS users, iMessage works between iPhone, iPad and Mac over Wi-Fi or using your data plan to allow you to send near instant messages to your friends for free.


Capture photos and videos from within the app as well as quickly link to your media library to select files to send. iMessage also supports users passing locations and contact information, and Siri can also be called to action to write and send your message for you.


An unlimited number of recipients can be added if they are all using iMessage. The app also tells you each time someone is typing a response. All multimedia options are still open, and each person’s input into the conversation is clearly marked so it’s easy for you to keep track.


When iMessage is active, you’re using Wi-Fi or cellular data, so cost is not something that needs to worrying about. This includes sending images and videos between the members of your group, but this positive is offset by the fact that this app is limited just to Apple users.


Part of the messages app uses your mobile number, iMessage is essentially an instant messaging boost for your SMS set-up. So long as your conversation theme is blue, iMessage is active and users can also start FaceTime video calls with any compatible contacts.

VERDICT-A slick and impressive app that is only held back by its exclusivity when compared to the other apps here.


The new kid on the block as an independent app, Hangouts is a mixture of Google Talk replacement and chat features from within Google+. Hangouts also has great video-calling functionality.


Hangouts supports multiple media formats, with users able to easily swap photos with one another. The app also supports video calls with up to ten friends, something that gives it an edge over WhatsApp. It also comes with a host of built-in emojis should they be your thing.


One of Hangouts’ biggest strengths, group messaging, is supported in both text form and video. You can simultaneously video chat with up to nine other friends; a seriously impressive feature that no one else can offer. You can have the same number in text Hangouts chats.


No in-app purchases, the only thing you have to be aware of when using the app over 3G and video calling is how quickly your data allowance could vanish. Beyond that, Hangouts won’t charge you a thing to stay in touch with your friends across devices and platforms.


The biggest restriction here is the lack of SMS integration within the app. This means that right now, only those with a Google login can take advantage of the app. You can invite friends to join Hangouts via SMS, but nothing more – though Google has said integration is on the way.

VERDICT-A slick and impressive app that is only held back by its exclusivity when compared to the other apps here.


Has the big name attached to it and since becoming an independent app, Facebook Messenger has become a very handy go-to for getting in touch with those important to you quickly and easily.


Facebook Messenger allows for all the same sharing features as the full Facebook app, so users can send URLs and links as well as the usual videos and images. A recent update has also introduced large animated stickers to rival the popular emoji within your conversations.


There is a limit on the number of people you can include in a group message, but that number is 250 so shouldn’t cause you too many issues. The app will also tell you who has seen the message within the group, so you always know where everyone is at in your conversation.


There can be costs, but they aren’t hidden as Facebook will give you a notification if your action could incur data charges. This can occur if you try to send a text message from the app, which is possible on Android devices where you can sign in using your mobile number.


If you are an Android user, you are able to sign up with just a name and a mobile number, before hooking up with your Contacts Book and being able to message your friends via the app. Although the risk of charges may discourage some, especially compared to its rivals here.


Given the reach of Facebook, this app is brilliantly handy – it definitely has its place on your home screen


Cross-platform and truly accessible, WhatsApp is probably the favourite for this test given its huge popularity and solid functionality. It covers pretty much all of the key features users desire.


WhatsApp allows users to send any multimedia _ le as a message, including the more unusual voice note option. Select images and videos from your library, or capture them in-app before sending. You can even share your location if you want, similar to a Facebook-style check in.


Create group chats at will with an allowance of up to 50 participants. You can set a subject name and a themed icon, whether you’re planning a reunion or just chatting to your circle of friends. Users can be added and removed at any point as the conversation develops.


Nothing at the moment, but this is changing at the end of 2013, with the first year being free before a $0.99 per year subscription cost comes into effect. It’s a big shift in price structure that may turn some offer, but it is still incredibly reasonable given the features on offer.


Hooks up with your Contacts Book and users your mobile number, but without any of the costs of SMS. WhatsApp even adds all the numbers it recognizes as being WhatsApp users to your Favourites section, so you don’t have to do any of the irritating integration.

VERDICT-Ticks every box and is wonderfully easy to use, WhatsApp is THE BEST message APP.

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Make money while shopping online

SHOPPING ONLINE LETS you dodge crowds, avoid aching feet, and skip the drama of parking at the mall. By staying at home, you also get access to a secret weapon: rebate sites. Such sites work on the principle that retailers will do just about anything—including shelling out cash—to gain paying customers. The rebate sites refer you to a retailer’s website, and if you then make a purchase, the retailer gives them a bonus. To inspire you to go through them, the rebate sites offer you a small portion of that bonus. In other words: free money. If you make large purchases online, and if you can find a rebate site that partners with your chosen retailer, you can earn anything from 1 percent to 45 percent of your money back. On top of that, during busy shopping seasons many rebate websites offer additional deals, incentives, and bonuses.

Make money while shopping online


The straight forward Ebates focuses on cash and only cash. The company partners with more than 1600 retailers, including luxury department stores Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as big-box stores Best Buy and Target. Ebates pays its cash-back bonuses on a quarterly basis, and offers either a direct PayPal payment or a check. Once you’ve signed up for a free account, you can start shopping. To qualify for a cash-back bonus, simply click through the Ebates website before you make a purchase. Going through the Ebates website every time you want to buy something might seem like a chore, but you can simplify the process by downloading the Ebates browser add-on , which is available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. The add-on alerts you whenever you’re shopping on an Ebates-approved site, eliminating some of the hassle.

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FatWallet focuses on frugality. Although the site (which Ebates acquired in 2011) provides a cash-back component, it’s renowned for its robust member forums. “FatWallet is for people who are more interested in saving money, and who are willing to do a little work,” says Brent Shelton, FatWallet PR director. “We have a huge online community of people who share tips on sales, deals, and how to stack coupons.” You’ll find more tech-oriented deals on this site. FatWallet’s partner sites include Acer, Adorama, Apple, Best Buy, and Newegg. Using FatWallet is similar to using Ebates: Sign up for a free account and then click through the website before you make a purchase at a qualifying retail site. You can also participate in the online forums, browse coupons, and find nearby deals and bargains from sites such as Amazon Local, Groupon, and LivingSocial.

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Although Swagbucks has a substantial shopand- earn section that features online stores such as Amazon, Bloomingdale’s,, Kohl’s, and Target, it offers additional methods of earning Swag Bucks, which you can trade in for gift cards and cash (one Swag Buck is worth approximately one cent). Other ways to earn include searching the Web through the Swagbucks search engine, answering surveys and polls, playing games, watching videos, and signing up for sponsored offers. Just set up a free account. You’ll earn at least one Swag Buck for logging in every day, and more if you use the Swagbucks toolbar or answer the site’s daily poll. You can also earn Swag Bucks offline when you shop with the company’s credit card, which gives you 1.25 Swag Bucks on every purchase.

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Want to earn even more cash back? Use Plink . Sign up for a free account, and link one debit or credit card. Then, all you have to do is buy things using that card—online or offline. You earn Plink Points only when you make qualifying purchases at partnered retailers, but you don’t have to think about it—the amount is tallied on your Plink account automatically when you use your card to check out. Plink works with more than 50,000 retailers, including American Airlines, Gap, Sears, and Staples. It stacks on top of other rewards programs, too, even your credit card rewards program. You can redeem Plink Points for gift cards from well-known stores such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and Walmart, and you can use the points to get miles on select airlines. The service’s main drawback is that you have to surrender your bank credentials to link your card. During the sign-up process, Plink requests that you log in using your online banking password, which might alarm some people. The company assures us, however, that all login credentials are securely encrypted with the same technology PayPal and use, and that Plink employees cannot access credentials.

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In these all programs listed above you can also make money by referring your friends. Ideas to Make Money Make Money Free

Install and Run Windows 8 on Usb stick

Discover how to run Windows 8 directly from a USB stick or Hard drive using Windows to Go.

The idea of running Windows 8 on a USB stick may sound a ridiculously strange idea, but it’s the ultimate expression of taking your PC with you in your pocket. Officially, Windows To Go (W2G) requires Windows 8 Enterprise and one of a select few USB flash drives, but the good news is that – with the help of this tutorial – you can build your own Windows To Go flash drive for testing purposes with Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro. Before we get ahead of ourselves, you will need a number of things for this tutorial. First, you’ll need a 32GB or larger USB flash drive. You also need access to a Windows 8 installation DVD or ISO image. USB 3.0 drives are much quicker, of course, but you may run into problems booting from a USB 3.0 port rather than a USB 2.0 one. There are also time limitations – you can’t activate this version of Windows, so it’s very much for testing purposes only. But armed with your equipment and this tutorial, get ready to see how the Windows 8 system can be used anywhere.

Install and Run Windows 8 on Usb stick

1: Prepare USB flash drive

Open File Explorer, right-click your flash drive and choose Format. Make sure NTFS is selected under File System, then click Start. Click OK, wait for the drive format, then click OK followed by Close.

2: Access DVD or ISO

Either insert your Windows install DVD or DoubleClick the ISO file to mount it in Windows. Make a note of the drive letter that’s assigned to both it and your USB flash drive. You’ll need these in a minute.

3: Open Command Prompt

Press WinKey+X and select Command Prompt (Admin). Replace <ISO> with your Windows DVD/ ISO drive letter, <USB> with your flash drive letter and change /Index:0 to /Index:1 if running Win8 Pro.

4: Create Windows flash drive

Type the following and press Enter, noting the comments in the previous step: dism /Apply- Image /ImageFile:<ISO>:sourcesinstall.wim / ApplyDir:<USB>: /Index:0> /CheckIntegrity /Verify.

5: Make drive bootable

The extraction process can take over an hour – so long as your USB drive is flashing, all is well. Once complete, type bcdboot.exe <USB>:windows /s <USB>: /f ALL and press Enter to speed up booting.

6: Set up Windows

Make sure your flash drive is plugged into a USB 2.0 port and reboot your PC. Bring up the boot menu and select your USB drive. Windows should start to set itself up – again, be prepared for a long wait.

7: Set up user account

Once it’s rebooted, you’ll be asked to enter your product key (skip this step) and set up a local user account. Follow the wizard to finish installation then press WinKey+R, type gpedit.msc and press Enter.

8: Access Windows Store

Go to Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Store. Double Click ‘Allow Store to install apps on Windows To Go work spaces’ and change to Enabled.Running Windows On USB Drive

9: Test away

You can install desktop software and run it as if you were using your own hard drive. Note, however, that you can’t activate this version of Windows, which means it will expire after 90 days. Windows to Go USB Install Run Windows 8.1 On USB

Method 2: Easy Install and Run Windows 8 on Usb stick:-

Follow the wizard If you’re lucky enough to be running Windows 8 Enterprise and own a certified USB drive (see, then the whole process is far simpler – just type ‘Windows To Go’ into the Search charm to access a user-friendly wizard. Simply follow along and get started setting up your drive.

The best apps to get the most out of Windows 8

With Windows 8 comes a whole new user experience. It’s completely different from previous versions of Windows, with applications and the loss of the traditional start menu. If you are a bit lost with your new computer and want to know which apps you should download right away, here is a list I’ve devised to help you to get the most out of your new operating system.
windows 8

Nextgen Reader

The first app on this list is one which will work with both desktop computers as well as mobile/tablet devices. Tech experts have suggested that Windows 8 marks a new era for cross-compatibility, with more app designers looking for ways to have one application to suit the needs of both the traditional and mobile user.

This application is simply a feed reader, which allows you to view your RSS feeds at a glance. It uses a panel interface, with the left hand side of the screen listing your feeds and the detail appearing on the rest of the screen. It’s a very easy to use application, and you should find that it’s a great way to stay on top of things.

 Xbox SmartGlass

If you really want to use Windows 8 to its full potential, download the Xbox SmartGlass app and use your tablet as an Xbox controller. Yes, you read that correctly; this app turns your screen into a controller for use with your Xbox 360 console. It’s not something that will suit everyone, but it’s definitely something you should download and trial if you have an Xbox!

Cocktail Flow

Much like similar apps available on the Android and iTunes stores, Cocktail Flow allows you to create cocktails by listing whatever you have in your fridge or kitchen cupboard. Never again will you struggle to find something interesting to make when your friends come round for a movie night – there are hundreds of cocktails that are just waiting for you to make!


The Skype application is something which most people will want to download straight away. It has replaced the old MSN/Windows Messenger program, and now has its own functioning app designed especially for the Windows 8 platform. You can use video chats or text chats with your friends, and connect to anywhere in the world with a mobile connection. This is a great free alternative to costly mobile phone charges when abroad, so download it on your new laptop or tablet straight away.

Fresh Paint

Even if you aren’t someone who likes to draw or paint, you should download this app just to give it a try. It’s amazing what sort of pictures you can create purely using your fingers or stylus; there is a mixing pot to recreate the true experience of painting, and best of all you won’t get messy. It’s a great bit of fun that you’re bound to enjoy.


If you’re a fan of Angry Birds, you’ll love Chimpact. The aim of the game is to collect bananas (really, what else would you collect?!) and avoid the people who are trying to capture you. There are a variety of levels on the free version, and it utilises touch screen technology excellently to make a really fun and enjoyable game. It’s much less about strategy than Angry Birds, but I daresay it’s just as addictive.

Star Chart

A great aspect of Windows 8 is its full screen mode. If you’re like me you will struggle to get used to it and probably revert back to the traditional Windows layout, but this application makes full screen completely worth it. The app itself shows you what the stars are like that night, by placing a chart over your current screen. You can learn a lot about astronomy with this app because it provides you with the names and details about stars, or else you can just marvel at how beautiful the universe is.


Any soccer fans will want to download this as soon as they get their hands on their new computer. It provides you with instant updates about the soccer world without having to scroll through different pages to find what you want. There are also soccer-related news stories and articles from other fans to enjoy while you’re at it.

5 MUST Download Best Movie Apps for Android

People often watch their favorite movies. They consider a lot of in choosing the perfect movie such as the storyline, characters and the genre. But, wouldn’t it be nice if you have the control of the movies in your very own android phone? So, we listed the 5 MUST-Download Best Movie Apps for Android

5 MUST Download Android Best Movie Apps

 Best Movie Apps

1. Crackle

The Crackle app gives you a free streaming of your favorite TV shows and movies. It also has a wide range of shows and movies to watch. It may not be that updated but it can satisfy your craving for watching movies. Even if it is run by ads and is interrupted by commercials, it is still one of the best for offering completely-free streaming.

2. CineShowTime

If you just want to check the movie schedules in the theaters near you, then CineShowTime is the right app for you. You won’t have to download for a long time and it only costs a small storage space. This app automatically scans your location to give you a quick sneak peak if you are in hurry.

3. Flixster

Flixster is an android app that lets you watch and stream videos in your android phone. If you want to see some movie reviews before watching a certain movie, Flixster can show you the insightful reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and other movie-reviewing sites. And if your theater is one of the participating partners of this app, you can buy the tickets online.

4. IMDb

If your preference is getting information about the movie, IMDb can help you with that. With their mobile site, you can almost get all the information you need. But once you download the app, you can get more than you ever need. IMDb also allows you to check the schedule of your local cinemas using your phone. And another great feature of this is you can buy movies from Amazon if you feel like watching a movie over and over again.  Free Movies for Android Phones

5. Netflix

Netflix can give you the high-quality videos in your phone. It is best that you are connected to good wifi connection to run it 100% smoothly. Though this app can be downloaded for free in Google Play Store, you will still have to pay a little fee for a Netflix account to enjoy the whole experience. Free Movie Apps Download Movie Apps Best Movie App for Android

Windows Phone Games For Xbox One Fans

Part of the thrill of Microsoft’s new Xbox One console is that it fits into a larger Microsoft world. That includes the growing Windows Phone platform, which has been tied to Xbox Live for three years now. Poke through the dozens of Xbox Live–compatible games in the Windows Phone store and some gems will attract anyone psyched about the Xbox One. Some of these games are spin-offs of existing Xbox titles, some are similar to Xbox titles, and some use the Xbox infrastructure for multiplayer gaming. Here are our favorite ten Windows Phone games that Xbox owners shouldn’t miss.


Asphalt 7: Heat


Asphalt 8 is already out for Windows Phone—we use it to test new devices—but Asphalt 7 is the one with the Xbox badge, integrating with Xbox Live for achievements and multi-player mode. Both versions are terrific driving games. We loved Asphalt 7 for Android last year, and the Windows Phone version is even better thanks to being plumbed into the ever expanding Xbox ecosystem.


Crimson Dragon: Side Story

Crimson Dragon is one of the Xbox One launch titles: a flying shooter with a really ridiculous and complicated plot that made me keep thinking of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern. If you enjoy this kind of old-school, high-speed 3D aerial attack, you can drop a dollar for this Windows Phone side-scrolling version: You get the same intricate backstory and configurable dragon attacks, just with much less 3D.


Glyder: Adventure Worlds

I have kind of a thing for nonviolent, all-ages games that don’t come packaged with a greedy in-app purchase element. That’s why I’m throwing in Glyder: Adventure Worlds as the kind of title I hope starts appearing on consoles more often: a dreamy, open-world flight game with a female protagonist that has goals, levels, and plenty of challenges— but no bloodshed.


Halo: Spartan Assault


Halo is the definitive Xbox game, and the latest title in the series, Halo: Spartan Assault, is slated to hit the Xbox One soon. But Windows 8 and Windows Phone users already have this excellent adaptation, a top-down, touch-enabled shooter that looks a lot more “arcade-like” than the core Halo games. Still, it’s a tasty treat between Halo installments and probably Windows Phone 8’s flagship game.


Modern Combat 4


I included this because Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts aren’t available on Windows Phone—you see what I did there? If you want that sort of modern military shooter, this one is your best bet on this platform. Modern Combat 4 gives you a dozen levels of traditional FPS mayhem, playing either as a U.S. soldier or a terrorist, and there’s a live cooperative multiplayer mode.




Windows Phone’s stand-in for the Xbox One’s two NBA games, NBA Jam is the descendant of a famous 1990s series. The Windows Phone version is casual and easy to play, with two-on-two games between really, really weird NBA avatars with poorly rendered photorealistic heads. It looks like you’re playing basketball with bobbleheads, but that’s okay—the game play is fun, speedy, and engaging.


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit


The Xbox One launched with Need for Speed: Rivals, the latest in a long line of NFS games which I, personally, adore. Rivals is descended from this absolutely seminal and still awesome game, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, in which you drive cool cars around and get chased by cops. Other mobile platforms already have the next game in the series, Need for Speed: Most Wanted—Windows Phone needs to close this gap.




A huge, gorgeous open-world adventure game, Six-Guns has you roam around the Wild West rustlin’ varmints, saving damsels in distress, and (bizarrely) fighting supernatural enemies. There’s also a Windows 8 version, and a cloud save option lets you move freely between the phone and desktop. There’s a multiplayer mode, too. Unfortunately, the game structure of this free-to-play title pushes in-app purchases on you.


Skulls of the Shogun

$ 4.49

A Windows Phone exclusive, Skulls of the Shogun is a kooky little turn-based strategy combat game in which you play a dead samurai fighting your way through the afterlife. The Xbox 360 version of this quite retro game got excellent reviews, and the turn-based aspect really lends itself to mobile usage, where you may only have a few minutes at a time to play.


Uno & Friends


Want something different? This multiplayer card game uses the Xbox Live infrastructure to try to gather friends to sit at your virtual card table. The game is technically free, but you need to use virtual coinage, so it comes out to about 20 cents per game; there are also in-game ways to earn coinage. This one only does multiplayer with other Windows Phone owners, so get those Lumias into you r friends’ and family’s hands.


Windows Phone Games Store

Nokia Lumia 625 Giveaway Contest

Nokia Lumia 625 Features:

  • 3G, Wi-Fi
  • Dual Core, 1.2 GHz Processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 8 GB inbuilt memory
  • 4.7 inches, 480 x 800 px display
  • 5 MP Camera with flash
  • Memory Card Supported, upto 64 GB
  • Windows Phone, v8

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Know about new android tablet PC

You can now chat away with the latest android Smartphone. The china made Device Company declared its proprietary voice control machinery for its flagship phone. You have received mini models of normal sized devices at the disposal, you can use cell phone at any time you need. Intel risk and OEM’s damaging the windows and android tablet pc ecosystems when they go by with plans to sell phones to operate software .Tablets provide portability and long battery life. Enova released many new desktop CES and PC’s. These devices are an all in one that operates the android functional system and not windows. This is definitely to include to Microsoft’s headache because the industry is already looking a rush in chrome book declaration.

android tablet PC


Samsung HTC and LG’s are not only the phone producers looking to compete on the android market, that has a specifically durable presence all over the world, teased its Smartphone 2014 . Archos is presenting two cheap smart phones at the business show. ZTE is introducing smart watches, projectors and phablets for CES 2014.If you assume high definition refers 1920 by 1080, now you widen the horizons. Lenovo and many other vendors will be releasing 4k monitors along with the resolution of 3840 by 2160. That is over than eight million pixels splayed on 28 inches of glass. The key goal of purchasing a tablet PC is to take to any place and to work with it.

android tablet PC

When you avail it on the move, the protection of tablet pc is very necessary. So it is important to avail a tablet covers for the device. It is not a big problem for you to shop for these covers, but it is essential for you to ensure that you purchase the original company manufacturer. You can also choose online store keeper to buy these covers to shield your tablet. When you visit a genuine online store, it will be easy for you to get a cover for your tablet at a reasonable rate. To make the buying process, you want to choose the cover you wish and include it to the cart.

The necessity of buying this cover from online store is to avoid being scammed by a cheating site. These covers are available in different colors, designs and styles. You can choose the best one according to your personality. A tablet pc is a tablet computer that contains all the feature of availed desktop computer.

Most of the tablets are made with a touch screen that acts such as their primary input device and that the panel is designed to use and functional using. They use wireless adapters to attach to the internet connections. They make utilization of software application that includes games, web browsers, office suits and different types of applications. They are small and light that creates them easy to work in the squeezed places. You can also use stylus or pen to draw or make illustrations. These features of these devices provide the opportunity to be innovative and contain a free flowing communication. Apple Tablet PC

Sony Tablet PC Tablet PC India